The Mission

Millions of students are growing up without a comprehensive understanding of computer science. We want to help students build that foundation by teaching students the fundamentals of collaboration and teamwork in computer science. Through the Cal Commit's hackathon, we envision providing students with the educational resources to discover their passions and the outlets to apply those passions back into their communities. For Cal Commit's hackathon, we want to not only fulfill a fun and exciting experience but also help serve individuals with critical knowledge and guidance in computer science. Participating in this exciting hackathon will ensure that students are well-equipped for teamwork and collaboration in the real-world aspect of computer science.


The registration to Git Init 2023 is a two-step process. Step one: You MUST register on Devpost, you will have to submit your final project here. Step Two: If you haven't already, you MUST fill out this form: If you have already done both those steps, make sure to join our Discord Server for hackathon communication: If all those steps are completed, then you're all set!

Opening Ceremony (Jan 6th 6:00 PM PST):

Hackathon website:

Sign-Up Link:

Discord Server: 


What to Build

You must be able to build a project that effectively addresses/solves the problem/theme given during the opening ceremony.

What to Submit

  • 3-6 Minute Video explaining what your project does, its significance, and a demonstration of the project.
  • GitHub Repository containing all the source code of your project.
  • Answers to the prompts given by Devpost.

Hackathon Sponsors


$192,800 in prizes

1st Place - $8025 USD value

- $150 Cash Prize
- Winner Certificate
- The Wolfram Award ($375 Value) for all team members
- Taskade Unlimited Lifetime membership for all team members
- Letter of Accomplishment

2nd Place - $2025 USD value

- $50 Cash Prize
- $25 AoPS Coupons
- The Wolfram Award ($375 Value) for all team members
- Letter of Accomplishment

3rd Place - $1875 USD value

- The Wolfram Award ($375 Value) for all team members
- Letter of Accomplishment

Popular Choice - $1875 USD value

- The Wolfram Award ($375 Value) for all team members

All Participants - $895 USD value per participant

- .xyz domain free for 1 year
- Taskade Unlimited - 5 years
- Voiceflow Team License - 3 months
- Wolfram|One - 30 Days
- Echo3D Premium - 1 month
- Interview Cake Full Access - 30 days
- $200 in Credits for Digital Ocean and free trial - 60 days

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Ritika Nevatia

Ritika Nevatia
Ritika works in the iCloud Content team at Apple. She works on optimizing cost, space and time for data storage.

Jerrel Fielder

Jerrel Fielder
Jerrel is a 22+ year business and technology veteran and serial entrepreneur. In addition to managing the development & infra of his third startup, he is pursuing a Teaching Credential to teach Computer Science and Mathematics in high school.

Sean Raser

Sean Raser
Sean Raser is an AP Computer Science teacher at California High School.

Rohan Ramakrishnan
Rohan is one of the Presidents of Cal Commit. He is also one of the lead organizers of this event.

Aditya Sahasranam

Aditya Sahasranam
Aditya is an Outreach Manager for the hackathon and also a branch officer for Cal Commit at Central Valley

Danylo Tolmachov

Danylo Tolmachov
Head of Software Engineering at Techstack Ltd, Software expert for more than 10 years with a huge store of knowledge and experience.

Arnav Pandey

Arnav Pandey
Arnav Pandey is one of the Presidents of Cal Commit. He is also one of the lead organizers of this event.

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Is the project original? Or is it just an existing project but redesigned?
  • Presentation
    Is your video interesting? Is it well-structured and easy to follow? Pretend that the judges are investors looking to sponsor your idea: are you selling your project well?
  • Complexity
    Was the project technically complex? Or was everything hard-coded in?
  • Significance
    Does your project have any impact? Or is it just a chat app?
  • Polish / Design
    Does your project have a consistent and pleasing design theme? Is the user interface easy to use? Is your project buggy or slow? Projects do not necessarily need to be graphical to have a good user interface.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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